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Discover our workshop on mobilisers for people with reduced mobility


  • Manuals - “Conocer y sensibilizar para prevenir el acoso laboral." New strategiesdownload the publication
  • Books - “Manual para la Gestión de los Riesgos Psicosociales en la empresa” (manual for the management of psychosocial risks in the workplace)download the publication
  • Handbooks - Handbook on health and safety in nursing homesdownload the publication
  • Books - To lead from the Health and Safetydownload the publication
  • Handbooks - Handbook of security in the use of forklift trucks and transpaletasdownload the publication
  • Books - Safety Guide on load storage and handling processesdownload the publication
  • Books - Maternity and ergonomic conditions of the workstationdownload the publication
  • Manuals - Guía para el cuidado de la espaldadownload the publication
  • Books - "Protección de la maternidad en el trabajo con respecto a los factores de riesgo de higiene industrial" (Protection of maternity at work, in matters of occupational hygiene risk factors)download the publication


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